ACCG8028 Management Control Systems - Bellagio Casino Resort Case Study

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Questions for discussion

Students must complete these questions for online discussion and online learning activities, please see iLearn.

Use the following resources to help you answer the questions and provide high quality responses to the questions on the Bellagio Casino Resort case study:

  1. Students must please use explanatory sentences when responding to the questions; bullet points, lists and one-word responses are not suitable at a post-graduate level, unless otherwise instructed.
  2. See the resource “What makes a great response to case study questions?” on iLearn.
  3. The “Question Command Examples” in the section titled “Week 1 The Nature of Management Control Systems.”

Students must answer the following questions relating to the Bellagio Casino Resort case study. The templates are provided to support a structured approach to your responses – please use full and explanatory sentences:

  1. Explain the problems that are most likely to occur in a casino environment found at the Bellagio Resort. Stud
  2. Read the entire case study. Prepare a list of the primary action controls found at the Bellagio Casino. For each of the action controls you have listed:
    1. Classify each action control
    2. Show which problem(s) you described in question 1, each action control addresses.


Action Control Categories Action Control Sub-Categories Student Responses Problem
Behavioural Constraints Physical Constraints
Administrative Constraints
Pre-action Reviews
Action Accountability:
Communicating Defined Actions Work rules, policies, procedures, contracts, rules-based codes of conduct
Professional Judgement
Action Tracking Direct Supervision / Monitoring
Activity Reports
Other Tracking Documentation
Rewarding / Punishing Negative Reinforcements


  1. Focus on three key roles at three primary levels of authority in the casino, namely, blackjack dealers, pit bosses and the vice president of table games. Then complete the following:
    1. Briefly explain the key actions of each of these key roles; and
    2. Show the action controls used to ensure that these employees perform actions that are not harmful to the Bellagio Casino.
Key Roles Actions Controls
Blackjack Dealers
Pit Bosses
VP of Table Games


  1. Based on your analysis of the action controls used at the Bellagio Casino Resort, recommend Results Controls that may be used to reinforce the action controls that the organisation currently uses.

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