ABS305 Organisational Change - Assignment #1

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Prepare a reflection essay (2,000 words) based on a significant change you have experienced or observed at an organisation.


For this assignment, research and write a reflective essay based on a significant change you have experienced or observed at an organisation (less than five years). For example, the organisation may have undergone a significant change in strategy or had to change how they support a remote workforce. If you have not experienced or observed a significant organisational change, you may select a recent organisational change reported in the media.

Reflective writing is documenting the thinking process or revisiting a practical situation and reviewing your experiences through the lenses of the concepts or theories you are studying. In other words, reflective writing is recounting a particular experience and explore how you have changed or learned from those experiences.

When engaging in reflection, you begin by recalling a situation and the thoughts and feelings you encountered during the experience. From there, you explore your beliefs, values, and attitudes that underpin these thoughts and feelings. Lastly, as you study the subject, identify one or two salient points, concepts, or theories that you can relate to your situation and discuss your insights.

It is important to realise that while you are writing your reflection, the story of the incident or event is not the focus. Rather you should focus on the insights you gained from re-examining and documenting your reactions and connecting the salient points, concepts or theories to real-life situations.

When writing your reflective essay, you are not expected to review all the chapters in the subject prior to completing this assignment but rather focus on the relevant chapters that are indicated in the Key Information section of this brief. Additionally, a reflective essay consists of a balance between your personal observations, opinions, feelings, and beliefs and conventions of academic writing, such as crafting a thesis statement and using the salient findings, concepts, or theories to support or further explain your reflection.

Reflective Essay

When writing your reflective essay, you can use the 4Rs Model to Reflective Writing to guide your thinking process.

  1. Introduction to Experience
    1. Provide a brief overview of your past experience or observation of a significant organisational
    2. Introduce the salient points, concepts or theories you will use in the reflective
    3. Provide a brief overview of what you have learned from your
  1. Reporting and Responding - Report your experience or explain what change was
    1. Describe the type and degree of change that you You may include the scope and

speed of the change. Refer to Balogun and Hailey’s typology of change, if appropriate.

  1. Explain what forces (political, economic, socio-cultural, technological) triggered the
  2. Discuss the power dynamics within the organisation and the politics affecting the change If you experienced conflicts, how did you respond?
  3. As you explain your experience, you should include any initial thoughts, feelings, or specific perspectives you faced. You may refer to Thomas & Killman’s conflict analysis typology, if
  4. Relating – Relate or connect your own experience, skills, or knowledge with organisational
    1. Describe how your past experiences, skills or previous knowledge about organisation change may have impacted your thoughts and feelings. Have you experienced this before?
    2. Explain if you had the skills or knowledge to deal with the
    3. Connect your explanations with any salient points, concepts or theories you have been
  1. Reasoning – Detail significant factors underlying the organisational change?
    1. Highlight any significant internal or external factors such as power dynamics or organisational politics underlying your experience with the
    2. Illustrate why these factors are important to understanding your
    3. Consider different perspectives. How would a knowledgeable person perceive or handle a similar experience?
    4. Connect any factors with any salient points, concepts or theories you have been
  1. Reconstructing – Reconstruct future practice or professional
    1. Reflect on your experience and detail what you have learned.
    2. Explain how you might deal with a significant organisational change in the
    3. Identify what might work and why? Are there other options to consider?
    4. Connect your ideas or suggestions with any salient points, concepts or theories you have been
  1. Conclusion
    1. Restate the main points you made in your
    2. Summarise what you have learned or changed in your


You may use any structure that best outlines your Organisational Change Reflective Essay. The following structure may be used to format your plan.

  1. Cover or Title Page
  2. Introduction to Experience
    1. Overview of significant change
    2. Introduction of any salient points, theories, or concepts
    3. Summarise what you learned
  3. Report and Responding
    1. Description of change
    2. Thoughts, feelings, and perspective
  4. Relating Your Experience
    1. Past experiences
    2. Skills and knowledge
  5. Reasoning
    1. Internal or external factors
    2. Different perspectives
  6. Reconstructing
    1. Reflect on experience
    2. Lessons learned
  7. Conclusion
    1. Restate the main points you made in your
    2. Summarise what you have learned or changed in your
  8. Reference page (listed in alphabetical order)

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