ABOR1110 Talking Circle Oration

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(Choose one week and answer both prompts)

  1. Why is it important for Aboriginal cultures to be revitalised? Provide one example of how this
  2. Describe two clauses of the NSW Aborigines Protection what was their impact in practice for Aboriginal people?
  3. Why did an Australian Prime Minister apologise to the Stolen Generations? What has changed since then?
  4. How has Aboriginal activism changed since the 1960's? Provide an example of activism
  5. Why is truth telling important in Australia's national historical memory? Provide an example of truth telling being actioned
  6. What does cultural safety refer to? Provide an example of cultural safety being
  7. Why are Land Rights important for Aboriginal people? How have they been used to empower Aboriginal communities?
  8. What are 3 key issues experienced by Aboriginal people in relation to the Australian Criminal Legal system? Provide one example of an issue being
  9. How has racism effected the Australian education system? Provide one example of how this is being addressed
  10. What is Indigenous self-determination? Provide one example of what self-determination could entail in the future.

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