5HR02 Talent Management and Workforce Planning - Assessment Task One

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Task One – Presentation Pack Case Study

The MD has asked you to prepare a presentation to the managers to position them around key contemporary labour market trends and their significance for workforce planning. This will also cover turnover and retention trends and the factors that influence why people choose to leave or remain.

The pack needs to include presentation slides and supporting notes.

It is essential that you refer to current labour market and turnover and retention trends conditions to ensure that your work is contemporary and relevant. Please ensure that any references and sources drawn upon are acknowledged correctly and supported by a bibliography.

Task One – Presentation Pack (1,000 words)

  • Create your PowerPoint slides but DON’T submit them
  • Within your word document, copy and paste an image of each slide with the appropriate notes under each slide
  • You MUST state the assessment criteria number (AC) in both the first slide AND in the first notes
  • The slide text is NOT included in the word count
  • The 1,000 word count only applies to the supporting notes
  • Use no more than three slides for each assessment criteria, a max of 12 in total
  • The answer to each question MUST be included in the supporting notes
  • Any slide text must also be included in the supporting notes
  • Where you include an image of a model in the slide it MUST be explained in the notes
  • When discussing contemporary labour market trends your resources (reports, data, statistics etc) must from within the last 12-months

Sources for contemporary and current market data and trends include…


  • Office for National Statistics
  • CIPD
  • Bank of England
  • Europa

Middle East

  • Ministry of Economy Annual Survey
  • Ministry of HRE
  • Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation
  • Dubai Statistics Centre
  • Federal Statistics Centre
  • Gov.Sa
  • General Authority for Statistics

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