404MAN Principles of Sales & Marketing - Presentation Assignment

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Assessment Brief

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You are required to design a poster and deliver a 10-minute video-recorded pitch to your company's promotion campaign manager for the launch of a brand-new service/product. Your choice of organisation should be within the agricultural sector and should be agreed with your tutor. Your pitch must highlight how the new product could support the achievement of organisational objectives.

Completion of this assignment will address the following learning outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding of marketing & sales concepts with a diverse changing marketplace.

Demonstrate marketing theory through the formulation of a marketing plan.

Assess the impact of marketing from a consumer & organisational perspective.

Explore the marketing mix, new product/service process & sales campaigns m different markets.

Guidance Notes and Considerations

This module has been mapped to CMI 523- Principles of marketing products and services

CMI Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the role of marketing to support the achievement of organisational objectives­CW1
  2. Understand the factors in the organisation's marketing environment which impact on the marketing of a product or service- CW2
  3. Know how to market a product or service- CW2

Successful completion of the module and the degree programme will result in an additional professional qualification - Level 5 CMI Diploma in Management and Leadership.

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