2. What are your key takeaways or learnings after reading this case study?

2. What are your key takeaways or learnings after reading this case study?

Expert's Answer

Amazon is the successful online business that sells everything on single platform which is very reliable and convenient to their customers. My key takeaways from this case study are that Amazon's success was due to its focus on customer experience, its ability to leverage digital technology, and its commitment to innovation. Amazon also succeeded by taking risks, finding new opportunities, and constantly seeking ways to improve its services.

1.People can use an amazon for shopping in an easier manner as they can purchase anything by sitting at their home by few clicks from laptops ad mobile which is very convenient for customers for shopping and amazon also have a exchange and return policy.

2.Amazon have a best customer service as compared to another online retailer companies. They provide their deliveries on time and amazon also provide membership to prime by which they will get their items within 1-2 days only.

3.Amazon pricing strategy is different from other companies as during holidays and during festive days the prices of there items is less as they provide a good amount of discount to their customers and ensure the quality of the product.

4.They have gained the trust and loyalty of the customers by providing products and services that actually their customers wants from them and help them to remain  number one retailer company in the world.


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