2. Convert 13°C To Degrees Fahrenheit 3. A Stick Is 12.0 Cm Long. What Is The Length In Inches? 4. An Object Weighs 8.22 Lbs..

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2. Convert 13°C to degrees Fahrenheit 3. A stick is 12.0 cm long. What is the length in inches? 4. An object weighs 8.22 lbs. What is the mass in grams? 5. The water in a flask measures 423 mL. How many quarts is this? 6. A piece of lumber measures 98.4 cm long. What is its length in: (a) millimeters? (b) feet? 7. A graduated cylinder was filled to 25.0 mL with liquid. A solid object weighing 73.5 grams was immersed in the liquid, raising the liquid level to 43.9 mL. Calculate the density of the solid object. 8. A block is found to have a volume of 35.3 cmIts mass is 31.7 grams. Calculate the density of the block The density of carbon tetrachloride, CCla, is 1.59 grams/mL. Calculate the volume of 100.0 grams of CCM. 10. A beaker contains 421 mL of water. The density of water is 1.00 grams/mL. Calculate: (a) The volume of the water in liters (b) The mass of the water in grams 42

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