11. If A Patient Is Injected With 375 Milliliters Of IV Glucose, What Is The Volume In Fluid Ounces? (Given: 128 Fluid Ounces- I…

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11. If a patient is injected with 375 milliliters of IV glucose, what is the volume in fluid ounces? (Given: 128 fluid ounces- I gallon) (a) (B) (C) (d) (e) 0.0789 fluid ounces 12.7 fluid ounces 29.6 fluid ounces 375 fluid ounces 11,100 fluid ounces 12. How many minutes does it take an athlete to run a 20K (20 kilometer)? (Assume the athlete's speed is 3.58 m/s.) (a) 0.605 minute (b) 1.65 minutes (C) 93.0 minutes (d) 150 minutes (e) 1860 minutes

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