1006HSV Human Services Structures - Critical Reflection

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Title: Critical reflection

Type: Assignment Written Assignment

Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1. 3. 4. 5

Marked out of: 20

Task Description:

Word limit: 1000 words DI is recommended you write between 750 words and 1000 words. You are not allowed to exceed the word limit.) Task description

The purpose of this task is to demonstrate reflection. critical thinking, analysis, research, referencing and writing skills. In addition, you will demonstrate an emerging understanding of social services fields of practice. For this task you need to write a 1000 word reflective essay in which you choose from one of the fields of practice listed below and associated social issue in this field of practice in Australia. You will utilise either news, media government papers. or reports to show the existence of this social Issue in Australia. You will propose an approach to addressing this social issue, with an explanation of why it would address the social Issue, including evidence of the approach being applied in another context. By using a reflective process you will explain how your own beliefs and assumptions have lead you to this approach. You will write clearly and succinctly. referencing sources as appropriate,

Choose from one of the following fields of practice and social issue:

  • addiction thug use
  • child protection - physical child abuse
  • housing - primary or tertiary homelessness
  • Income support - unemployment
  • discrimination

Note: meow do not request a different held of practice and social issue. You wilt hove many years of study to focus on your particular interests, just choose one of these.

Criteria & Marking:

  • Use evidence (data/article/commentary) to show the existence of the social issue in your chosen field. (4 marks)
  • Provide a succinct proposal of what you would do to address this social issue. (2 marks)
  • Show why you think your proposal would address the social issue by explaining an example of where this has been done historically, in other contexts. or other fields. (4 marks)
  • State your beliefs and assumptions that led you to the identified approach of addressing the social issue and describe what influenced your beliefs and assumptions. (2 marks)
  • Convey your writing with clarity by using correct APA7 formatting and referencing. as well as correct grammar, spelling punctuation. and structure. (8 marks)

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