1.What is Wealth Simple’s core competency as per your understanding of the case?

1.What is Wealth Simple’s core competency as per your understanding of the case?

Expert's Answer

The core competency of Wealth simple is its ability to provide clients with an automated, transparent, and highly customised digital wealth management experience. The company has technology platform that enables it to offer clients an investing experience that is not only intuitive but also user-friendly and is customise to meet the requirement   and objectives of each individual client. They do this by offering a low fee, smart investment robot-advisor service that is accessible for whole day and night. This allows investors to check their portfolio easily while also keeping them motivated. The company also provides its clients with access to a wide range of online resources, including tools for defining and monitoring goals, budgeting, asset allocation, and automatic tax optimization. The user-friendly platform is the main advantage of that, enables customers to make decisions about their financials.

Wealth simple also maintains a team of knowledgeable advisers who are always available to answer questions and offer guidance as part of its commitment to providing great client service. The company also makes easy process to create an account and begin investing right away. Wealth simple also makes people interested in investing their money because it is committed to providing pricing that is both competitive and transparent.

Ultimately, Wealth simple’s greatest strength lies in its ability to offer its clients a complete user-friendly digital wealth management experience. The company's technical infrastructure, customer service, and reasonable price will appeal to those looking for opportunities to spend their money.


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